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Well guys as a pilot who has worked for Sunexpress for 2.5 years, i can tell that; whatever you read in this forum(as in bad meaning) about Emirates, multiply it by 5 for Sunexpress.
Unstable rosters, cruel management, and unpolite cockpit crew. As in unpolite i mean most of the old captains have been covering for the company because they already have a pension salary from military + getting paid by Sunexpress with really good terms and conditions. If you say something bad about the company they are the first ones who will turn against you. Actually it was like that until last year. Now everone is complaining. As opposite of other companies, whatever you sign for they do not change your terms as of any other crew member. Like there is a first officer who has 14 days of annual leave excluding saturdays and sundays, however if you join from now on it will exclude only sundays.
Things are getting really worse here and most of the pilots already started for other options. Some have already made deals with other companies, so in the right time the resignations will start raining.
If you need details i can answer any specific question you ask under this thread.
The only thing i can say is the Antalya, Istanbul and Izmir bases are working like horses and both cockpit and cabin crew are already exhausted. All immune system down and people started getting sick(heart attacks, high blood preasure, ear nose throat problems) due to high working frequency. They can even count your medical ground days as days off, so they can schedule you less than minimum off for the rest of the month.
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