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If the 'team' at Qf 'Campus' weren't so totally incompetent this discussion would never have happened.

But, seeing as you bring it up, this IS small change compared to the $2-3 BILLION that has been thrown away on red at the great Asian Casino that incompetent mini buffoon has been paid handsomely to do.

A better man than I probably wouldn't be so pissed off at the total lack of understanding of the industry he is paid tens of millions to oversee, that even a fool might have been able to work out that 777's and premium carriers might make more than 320's in Jetstar $1 fares or if that doesnt work then Red Q guise. But I am a small petty man who harbours grudges, and thus I detest our 'Management Team' and all they stand for. None of them would I employ and I would urge you to read up on their interpretation of 'work/life balance'. For I believe that is what they call sleeping normally in a single time zone their entire lives - along with weekends and public holidays off, leave when they want it with confirmed staff travel seats for themselves and their family. Oh, and the monumental pay - I shouldn't forget that!

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