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Cheers CoodaShooda. No doubt they've all hatched a concrete plan to fund the ALP using bake sales, sausage sizzles and memberships, which will make the unions completely redundant. Can't wait to hear how it will work. Nasty ol' unions, they can take their money elsewhere! [said no Labor government ever]

And yes the 800 grand would include legit claims. However, it still doesn't justify the party chopper, nor the complete denial that followed. IMO the denial and lack of apology has been far more harmful than the actual event.
It still smacks of hypocrisy writ large while winning maximum points for diversionary tactics.
Politics be politics; given the opportunity the Libs would have done exactly the same thing.
Meanwhile, back in the real Territory, our fourth female CLP parliamentarian in three years has resigned from the party and gone independent.
Are the Libs/CLP asking themselves if there's a problem, or not? Bear in mind that the Queensland LNP never saw any issues; they were awesome (you only had to ask them), right up until the night they lost government. Now they're in opposition, asking themselves why. Sounds like your guys/gals need to start asking questions before the electorate answers those questions for them.
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