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Kelty, Crean, Ferguson, George and a couple of others of similar stature, Worrals.

Just part of the "How we deal with the TURC fallout" I think.

I think your $800,000 for Bronny includes legitimate operating costs for the Speaker' Office, including staff wages?

Agree that party political stuff should not be subsidised by the taxpayer, but those casting the stones do not appear to be without sin.

Also wondering why labor waited 8 months to bring it on.

It still smacks of hypocrisy writ large while winning maximum points for diversionary tactics.

Also seems to me that charging attendees a fee to hear her talk about parliamentary business could be construed as using your official position for financial gain. I think there's some laws about that too.

Meanwhile, back in the real Territory, our fourth female CLP parliamentarian in three years has resigned from the party and gone independent. She also happens to be the Speaker.
The CLP is now in minority government but two of the five independents have said they will not support the vote of no confidence necessary for an early election.
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