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Have to give the points to Labor for launching a successful distraction to take the heat out of Shorten and the unions. (Note also the article in the Australian today where former ACTU heavyweights are calling for labor to distance itself from the unions.)

Was Bishop aware of the costs she was racking up? Probably not, as those arrangements are left to functionaries.

(We recently had a local Minister attend the UN with the bill coming to $60,000 for two people. The Federal MP attending the same conference had a $12,000 cost. Turned out the arrangements for our Minister were made by the UN to UN standards.))

Is she rorting (or taking advantage of) the system? Quite probably, as they all seem to.

Is she out of touch with public opinion? Yep

Should she go? Why not?

Will the tit for tat that will now follow over individual MP/Senators' spending habits lead to meaningful reform of entitlements? We can only hope.

Should this intense focus on entitlements which are comparatively minor in nature be at the expense of discussion of major corruption and economic reform? Personally, I'd prefer it to be otherwise.
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