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How wonderfully kismet it would be to se Labor put Tanya up as their new leader
I don't see that happening. Of course I've been wrong before... However, Pilbersek's family situation makes it difficult to see her as a Labor leader/potential PM, even if she were the best option. Has it been raised? (and wishful thinking/rampant speculation by the Murdoch commentary gang doesn't count).
AFAIK she's never publicly aspired to be leader, any more than Julie Bishop has. The MSM can run all the speculative opinion pieces they like (gotta fill those pages, the advertisers certainly don't ) but so far she hasn't thrown her hat in the ring. Albo is the only declared opposition to the opposition leader at this stage.

As for a Greens challenge, it's not my backyard, but whatever the turf it takes a lot of oomph to roll a senior shadow minister who's on telly a lot, particularly if you're a small-time leftie party candidate seeking to roll a a popular leftie shadow minister. If the Greens ran a high profile candidate against her then maybe, but again... is that on the cards?
As I'm not a follower of the left side of politics...what seat does Tanya hold?
Tanya Plibersek ? Federal Member for Sydney
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