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I think Pauline Hanson's maiden speech will be seen by some (but by no means by all) in the future as Australia's very own 'Rivers of Blood' speech.

Reading the whole speech, I think most would agree that it's relatively mild, and to date, time has shown that a far more deserving migrant group for her ire has emerged rather than the one she chose as her target back then (who, apart from a rather active group involved in drugs and organised crime*, have proven themselves to be exemplary additions to our society).

* Something common to every new migrant group - refer to the recent disclosures on 4 Corners about the Italian Mafia in Australia.

In much the same way as it did with Enoch Powell's speech, the media (along with the professionally outraged) latched on to and isolated one sentence that when read in context with the rest of the speech, does not come across nearly as bad as it sounds in isolation.

I hasten to conclude that Pauline Hanson's speech comes a far distant second to Enoch Powell's speech. And Pauline Hanson was doomed the moment the crazies attached themselves to her Party. As, I fear, will any breakaway conservative party that attempts to form itself in opposition to the Liberals in the immediate future.
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