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Agreed that the USAF have significant experience in AAR; they learned from a Russian Naval Officer and an English aviation pioneer and they use techniques written by the RAF.
Hmmm, USAF predominantly uses the flying boom and receptacle method of AAR. Those were Russian/Brit inventions? Who knew? ;-)

And the first ever aerial refueling in 1923 was between Russian and/or Brit aircraft, and not between US Army aircraft over New York? Who knew? ;-)

And the 150 hour flight endurance record set in 1929 was not over Los Angeles in a US Army aircraft, but somewhere over Russia or Britain? And the 553 hour endurance record the following year was not over Chicago? And the 27 day endurance record in 1935 was not over Meridian, Mississippi? Who knew? And the "spill free probe" used in that record flight (and still used today with modifications) was not invented by A.D. Hunter of Meridian? Who knew? ;-)

And the world's air forces today still use the grappled line, looped hose system developed by Britain's Chobham and later used by USAF in B-29/B-50s? You know, that system where the tanker aircraft is behind the receiver aircraft? Who knew? ;-)

Thanks for setting the record straight. ;-)

But yeah, Seversky was indeed a former Russian Naval Officer.

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