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So Mr Gammonflaps
By now someone in an airline the size of Norwegian should have been fired for transgressing some rule................ Can you point to someone who been fired under circumstances that would not have got them fired from a conventional employment airline ?
No one is arguing that Norwegian have fired people for breaking rules. Non compliance of SOPs or poor performance can get you dismissed from any airline. The issue you fail to see is that Norwegian are guilty of despicable treatment against those who have made no such mistakes or who have not broken any rules.

For starters, I had heard (so I stand to be corrected) that of the 600 Scandi pilots that went on strike, Norwegian had told them that there were 400 contract positions available with much reduced benefits. The first 400 to accept the contract change would keep their jobs - the remainder would be dismissed.

Then we have the poor treatment of the FO's who are the subject of this thread, they broke no rules......then the Captain who refused to sign the Spanish contract when he already had a binding contract for LGW. That Captain broke no rules whatsoever but made the mistake of thinking that his contract was actually worth something... I am sure others could give further examples. The fact is that Norwegian think that such poor treatment is acceptable and that its acceptable to act with impunity - it is not. Like Ryanair, Norwegian fail to see the benefit of treating people fairly. They do not understand that building a happy workforce in a fair workplace goes a long way to creating a strong brand with strong brand awareness. A happy workforce will speak highly of their employer. Just look at what similar treatment has done for Ryanair, poor brand value and a business that most love to hate.

Regarding your point of direct employment: Granted, many airlines have ceased trading and those directly employed lost their jobs. Those businesses failed for a variety of reasons. However, during the time those businesses operated, some for many many years, direct employment afforded those employed legislative protection which is not available to those on a contract. Through the practises of Norwegian it is clear for all to see how such protections are circumvented through the use of contract pilots.
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