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Just like Greeks ( well some of them)

A week or so back the Greek nation voted to reject the bailout from the EU, this was a last chance deal to avoid a financial meltdown....... So why ?

All you got from the No voters was a lot of suff about not humiliating a nation and a a clear message that if they hold on tight enough to the fantasy of spending their way out of debt then all will magically become OK.

Some of the things written about Norwegian above are hitting the same sort of fantasy levels, press reports are being taken as unquestionable truth despite the lamentable track record of the press when it comes to aviation, some are inventing hypothetical questions about subjects and then providing hypothetical answers to the questions that seem to want to out hype the last anti Norwegian post they have seen. No doubt the gutter press will be looking at these pages any use the so called opinions of aviation insiders to base its next story on and so renewing that outrage cycle.

While observing this from the sidelines I see a lot of people who say that flying for Norwegian is far better than flying for Ryanair in terms of stability and lack of fear culture but the number one issue is getting the roster sorted out.

Some of the critics have an equally distorted view of conventional direct employment as being some sort of ultra secure utopia........it is not ! Just talk to those employed by Flyglobspan, Astraeus, Silverjet, Zoom, British world, , XL, and a host of others that overnight left that aviation arena owing their employees huge amounts of money and without a job.......... So much for the security of employment !

While I am sure that things within Norwegian are far from perfect I am also sure that the most of what is written above is further away from the perfect truth by a considerable margin.

In my opinion most of the stuff written above is done so because the anti Ryanair brigade has run out of things to be outraged about with Ryanair and has found a new sorce of outrage a little further north.
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