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A and C quote: ''In the race to the truth LNIDA is ahead of you by about eight furlongs in a ten furlong race.'

Are you serious? I can't believe that anyone who is even acutely aware of the modus operandi of Norwegian management could make such a ridiculous statement. Bondi points to reported news articles that make it clearly apparent that abhorrent employee practices are frequently in use within Norwegian. I can only assume that you: a) Don't work for Norwegian and have no idea whatsoever about the appalling way these clowns choose to operate, or b) have your head buried in the sand or inserted into a 'brown-nosable' Norwegian management arse. Option c is that you represent Norwegian management and would like to mislead and deceive the wider PPRuNe audience that these sharp practices don't occur within the company. 600 Norwegian pilots don't go on strike for no reason at all.

Whilst LNIDA says he has not been on the receiving end of such dispicable treatment, he does not go as far as to say that he is completely unaware of Norwegian treating other pilots within the company in this way. If LNIDA were to claim that such underhand and devious practices did not exist then I would suggest a username change to 'LNnoIDeA'.

I know who I believe and it isn't you or LNIDA.

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