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Oh please. Now you're just being juvenile,
Yet more juvenile rantings.
How precious! I'll be sure to keep your sage advice in mind......for the next 30 seconds or so.
Clu4U, programs that upgrade mature products are ideal candidates for concurrent engineering. Programs that are developing multiple new technologies that are still in their infancy are very poor candidates for concurrent engineering. And if it has escaped you, JSF/F-35 is attempting to integrate more new tech in a single airframe than has ever been attempted before.
Well KenV, do you have any more insulting words of non-wisdom you would like to throw out? We need to be told.
In case you missed it, I said in a couple of posts that you have to know more about the project than you don't know to do a successful Concurrent Engineering program.
I guess heaving insults is all that you have left.
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