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From the Tim Blair Daily Telegraph site.

Tim Blair – Wednesday, July 08, 2015 (6:23pm)

What sort of politician has secret campaign staff?

There was a bizarre moment when Mr Shorten asked that the name of his second campaign worker be kept secret.

Mr Shorten wrote down the name of the woman on a piece of paper which was then handed to the Commissioner, former High Court judge Dyson Heydon.

Mr Shorten: “Sometimes being mentioned in the commission even in passing can embarrass people even when they’re perfectly innocent.”

Mr Stoljar: “I’ll merely refer to this person as the mystery person for now. You had a mystery person working in your office.”

When Mr Shorten said he was uncomfortable with this description, Mr Stoljar answered: “What pseudonym do you want me to use Mr Shorten?”

Mr Shorten: “The second campaign worker.”

As John Lyons asks: “How can Mr Shorten – the alternative Prime Minister – expect that the identity of his deputy campaign director be kept secret?”
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