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Back in the early 90s, we had a Lebanese steward in my airline, a really good looking bloke (no jokes please, he really was). He was running three Australian female cabin crew at the same time - and all three knew about the other two, but each and every one of them "knew" that "she" was "the one" and that the other two "meant nothing to him".

He was up on the flight deck having a break once on a long night flight when he said to something I've repeated many, many times - and to absolutely no avail if it was to Australian (or other Western) female. He said: "Ahh, Aussie girls, I love 'em; it's like clubbing baby seals." (I kid you not. This is not something I heard of second hand. I heard those said word myself.)

Whenever I'd tell that tale to some star-struck (almost always new to the Middle East) Aussie girl, she would nod wisely and assure me that her man was different.

This was so widespread that we had a acronym to cover it: "MMID", for "My Mohammed Is Different". Almost without exception, within 12 months, you'd run across the same girl, no longer star struck after she's been replaced by "fresh meat" (the Lebbo boys' term for a new intake of trainee females from the West, fifty or more of whom who arrived almost monthly), who would then admit that THAT particular Mohammed had turned out not to be different. But it was amazing how often they'd latch on to another Mohammed who they'd convince themselves would this time be different.

I had to give the Lebbos their due - they could court a woman like few men from the West could - or would. But for most of them, it was the thrill of the chase. After they'd bedded the girl, they'd quickly move on to the next conquest - unless they'd managed to get the girl to take out a large loan to set up a business for them - which had to be only in the male's name in Dubai - or buy a car for them.

Then they'd stick around for a while - but not always. I knew one girl who married her Mohammed, took out a huge loan to set up his business and then, after she got sick of him bonking all her (supposedly close) friends, ditched him, but lost the car she's bought him (that was registered in his name) and had to pay out another very large business loan as well herself, which he refused to acknowledge. She said it was worth it just be rid of him. But she was locked in to Dubai for years until she could pay off the two loans. (Again, not a second hand story - I knew this girl well and she told me all the details herself.)

I also must stress that most of these guys were a very different kettle of fish to the vast majority of Lebbos we see out here.
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