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Worrals, I suppose we'll get some indication of whether I'm being unfair at the upcoming Labor conference. (Although I suspect that even the craziest of the lefties will keep that particular issue under the table for now, for surely, even they, in their la-la leftie land - (unlike Tony Jones and those paragons of moral virtue in the EhBC) - might have got the hint by now that, like you say, most Australians don't have any sympathy at all for the Sharrouf family.)

As for the older Sharrouf's daughter's marital state, the Muslims (particularly the Shia), have a clever little marriage contract going by the name of Mut’a. It allows a pious Muslim male to have sex with a woman, even a stranger, and remain totally within the most narrow strictures of the Quran - i.e., he can pick up a hooker, 'marry' her under a Mut’a contract, have a bonk and then divorce her - three claps and Bob's yer uncle, 'marriage' over. I think the time period for the marriage can even be agreed upon before the fact, so they don't even have to go through the divorce process, as when the marriage falls void is already agreed upon beforehand.

And he can do the same a half hour later with another female if the Viagra supply is plentiful. This is how the ISIS fighters come to say that they are marrying the sex slaves they take and then rape rather than admit they're simply raping them.

The very fact that anyone believes that any divine being of any name would think this is in fact remaining within the rules set by any holy book is, shall we say, 'debatable'.

But it's all a matter of interpretation, donchaknow, and Islamic clerics are expert and coming up with sometimes extraordinary interpretations that will make their masters happy.

Of course, it's not quite so simple for the female if she's Muslim and wants to stay within 'the rools'. She has to wait two months before she's allowed to enter into a second Mut’a marriage.
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