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An amazing airport

THE lights are on but no one is there.

Welcome to Pyongyang International Airport, the place where no one leaves and barely anyone arrives.

Of course we could be wrong, but North Korea isn’t exactly on top of any must-do travel list.

So one has to wonder why North Korea would spend so much money beautifying a terminal when its citizens aren’t exactly free to travel, and no one wants to visit.

But then again why does North Korea do anything then boast about it.

Oh yeah that’s right, it wants us to believe this secretive dictatorship, which regularly threatens The West, is prospering and not crumbling under the brutal regime.

According to a recent United Nations report, around two million North Koreans receive help from the UN World Food Program, a third of children under five are stunted by malnutrition and around 20 per cent of breastfeeding and pregnant women are malnourished.

But that’s OK because North Korea now has an international airport worthy of praise.

According to an unverified press release issued by the country’s state owned Korean Central News Agency, visitors to the airport will soon be able to buy designer shirts, duty free watches and cosmetics as well as chocolate fondue. Oh goodie, fondue!

Leader Kim Jong-un took a tour of the newly completed terminal with his wife Ri Sol-ju - her second public appearance this year after she watched a soccer match with her rotund husband in April - and younger sister Kim Yo-jong this week and was said to be impressed..."

The story is worth reading just for the picture captions
Pyongyang International Airport: Kim Jong-un unveils North Korea?s new terminal | Gold Coast Bulletin
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