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Chuck Ellsworth
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Physical and mental deterioration with age is inescapable, unfortunately there is no set standard from individual to individual.

I retired at 70 an age I had decided upon as my own personal limit.

When I reached age 70 the people who I was flying for said you can't quit because of age because you still pass all your recurrent flight check's including an unrestricted air display license.

My answer was that is even better because I was not forced to quit because I was getting dangerous.

For me it was the correct thing to do because I had been flying commercially for fifty two years, that was long enough and I wanted to live a normal life free from having to do what others wanted me to do.

It will be ten years ago in October that I quit and if I had it all to do over again I would do the same thing.

As to physical reflexes I honestly see no difference now and ten years ago, I do however find I get tired easier when doing something that takes concentration like driving this motor home with a car behind it which is fifty eight feet long.

Today I got up at 6:30 AM and fired up the motor home and drove to a truck stop and bought fuel and water for making coffee, had coffee, drove two hours, had breakfast and here I am in Osoyoos B.C. at 2:30 pm in a really nice RV park watching TV with the air conditioners running and typing on this keyboard.

And I feel tired so I must be getting old.
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