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My next trick is Impossible.

By the the time I was on the last station where I was involved in a BoB "At Home" Day (Thornaby, '52 [or '53?]), they were referred to as: "Butchering the Air Force to make a Public Holiday" !

There was a germ of truth in this. Some budding Einstein had worked out that, taking into account all the pilots killed on, or practising for, all the post-war Air Shows and "At Home" Days, the total was nearing the number killed in the Battle itself.

This was probably a gross exaggeration, but still food for thought. At Thornaby, just before I arrived at the end of September '51, a Sgt-Pilot demonstrated a slow-roll in a Harvard a bit too low, writing off himself and Harvard. Or so they told me.

And it took us all next week to clear up all the rubbish on the airfield !

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