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I've so been waiting for the day I could type this message to you. So here goes....

A recent email from Jet to a candidate from the 2013 batch clearly states:

We would like to inform you that we are in the process of placing the candidates who have been shortlisted in 2010-2011 and hence it would take some reasonable amount of time before we would commence the training / induction for the candidates shortlisted in the 2013-2014 selection process
So I guess it's safe to say now that your so called "expedited" theory of the 2014 type rated candidates is incorrect. Where are those written results you're awaiting by the way? How long has it been -- 9 months and still no sign of them? That doesn't quite define "expedited" according to me

Anyway, the next set of "non-type rated" people from 2011 are likely to be called up in the next couple of months, so hopefully that should put any lingering doubts of yours to rest

Like I said to you earlier, it's going to be a long wait for you. A very very long wait. So I suggest that you keep yourself busy with something else rather than coming up with the most absurd and baseless rumors on here. Good luck!
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