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All I can say is keep current, keep updating your profile and keep it recent. Hours are not a factor as long as you qualify for their minimums. They are dealing with an incredible amount of applications at the moment and I have no doubt this number is only going to increase as road shows begin.

Someone stated it is mostly AUS being recruited due to favoritism, this is not true. Reason being is that for the last few months they have been actively recruiting in Australia on roadshows. This means that at the moment AUS candidates coming through is a high number. This will change as CX reach USA/UK/EU ect.

In regards to having HK interview locations on your profile that is good. However, I am not sure if HR look at your current residency and go by that?

If it was me, I would look at your two options being HK and let's say USA(miami), Then I would notice you are currently LIVING in Miami. I would therefore keep your CV on file until recruitment hits MIA. It would be easier for both parties to organize the interview I feel.

This is merely my opinion and with everything else, I am probably wrong!!

Hope this helps you out?

Keep the faith, keep flying and you will get the call if they find you suitable.

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