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Yes I'm worried because I did my type rating thinking that I will get the job faster n believe me it will happen fast , it really make a lot of difference in jet if one is type rated n with all due respect even if the whole 2014 batch does their type rating now it will not make any difference because while filling our form we were asked about our type so they have record for that and again like you said one had put a gun on my head to do type so in the same way we can also say that no one had put the gun on ur head also to wait for jet, you guys gave your exam in 2011 and are still waiting , even u wud have tried for some other airline during those 4 yrs , I'm not saying or claiming that you guys have no chance but at the same tym I'm not loosing hopes for my chance as well .OK for me even if I'm type rated on 737 n I have passed my indigo exam also so now if indigo gives me the chance I will take it n do my type again on 320. I wud not waste any more time on Jet. So relax n wait ....
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