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The situation DWB50 cites is one where there is a significant increase in traffic in a particular area for an event, and awareness by non-participating aircraft is warranted. Happens all the time across the country with fly-ins, field days etc. and a NOTAM serves to provide that awareness and is entirely appropriate.

Such an event is not related to someone not wanting their private strip "advertised" to the general (flying) public, which I take to mean they don't want it published on charts.


I'm not aware that CASA charge for taking the above action with fly-ins or with glider or hang-gliding clubs to arrange one of those "intense GFY activity" type NOTAM. However no doubt DWB50 will find out when he enquires

As to CASA's actions - or lack of - re the CAR 166 & AIP text change, from all I've read, we're in agreement.
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