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The devil "could be" in the detail " current open roles" this in THY speak means a new joiner MAY get a better contract than an existing employee. Other airlines in Turkey play the same game, " new joiners" can be offered commute but "existing employees" not. Look at the bright side, unlike many high profile airlines, with THY your contract is with the airline directly, not via some trumped up, dodgy as hell " agency" that may leave you with huge tax exposures and no basics: LOL, Medical, Holdiay Pay, Maternity Leave, Compassion Leave, Dental, Housing etc etc. THY has received many NLH 787 applications for the 777 fleet..many EK and FR applications, maybe the grass isn't greener, but it,s no browner either In real terms, a short haul Captain will net average 29-31K Lira and a LH slightly more. Last month I netted 11K Euro after converting, thats approx 7800 GBP NET or 3000GBP better than if I jump to NLH at Gatwick.. and yes.. I do know several guys at NLH.. FOs, well that's a different kettle of fish, can get stinky..
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