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As some readers would be aware, the change to the MULTICOM in 2013 was conducted with no consultation and no risk analysis or safety case to industry knowledge.

When the matter was raised with the OAR for discussion at the RAPACs it was rejected as not being an airspace matter.

For about the last year, all of the Industry RAPAC Convenors have been canvassed and included in a string of emails on the matter. There have over this time been a number of attempts to table the MULTICOM for discussion, but the subject has been rejected by the OAR.

Discussions have been held out of session as the OAR has refused to include the subject at the RAPACs and therefore it is unlikely you will find mention in the minutes, even when it was discussed, even briefly. The management of the OAR have to take responsibility for this debacle. Even correspondence from CASA has not addressed the subject in any detail or the safety issues that have been raised. As if they just donít want to know?

Things seem to be changing somewhat since the new DAS entered the building and the MULTICOM has been subject to some further discussion of late. One can only hope that those responsible for this change are directed to place the matter on the table for open discussion, especially with the RAPACs.
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