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a religion that considered that anybody not adhering to its faith ought to be put to death;
In living memory both Catholics and Protestants have pushed this view. Maybe not in Australia, but certainly in other parts of the world, including Ireland.
Yesterday I was sitting at a shopping centre waiting for my wife, and was asked to move by a bearded person, because his wife was sitting at the opposite end of the seat and ' he was offended'.
And I'm sure you gave the right answer, the second word of that answer being 'off'. There's no room for dheads here, but the art lies in separating the dheads from the reasonable people. What you met was a dhead in the wild, and I'm sure you told him that.
Departments of immigration are not the result of xenophobia.
Maybe not, but their actions can often be the result of bad staffing levels, poor funding and government apathy, which leads to the same outcome.
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