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True, but is that any different from Australia's previous waves of migrants? From the Brits and the Irish during the 1800s, the Europeans post WWII and then the Asian migrants throughout the 80s and 90s, what's changed? Of course what has changed is that those previous migrants came with government (if not always popular) support, whereas the recent boat arrivals (as opposed to approved arrivals, of whom there are many) have not.

However, I don't see much difference with respect to their motivation. I'd guess that most of us would be descended from people who originally came to Australia for the reasons you list; to improve their lives, give their children a better chance of success and escape lousy conditions in their country of birth.
Those comments are really based on a non-point, Worrals. There is a world of difference between arriving here uninvited and coming here 'with government support', by invitation!
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