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... the rest of us scorn,"cleaning, security, service stations" etc. Sorry Worrals but that's a statement straight out of the hand book on why we, as in all western countries, need unlimited immigration.
Service stations. My two sons both worked at service stations before leaving school. Not much chance of that nowadays as most, if not all, around my neck of the woods are run, if not owned by persons from the Sub Continent.
Cleaning. Thirty or more years ago my wife, a qualified nurse, worked as a waitress in a cafeteria in Adelaide as we had 2 youngsters at primary school. ( she was sacked the day before Christmas when she owned up to wanting some time off during the holidays). She then went cleaning for a time until the boys were able to get themselves home from school safely after which she returned to nursing.
Labouring. I had a close friend, Dutch ,a qualified tradesman, who arrived in Australia in the late fifties. Two days after he arrived he was shipped off to the middle of the Nullabor to spend the next two years of his life labouring on the railway.That's just a couple of examples that doing menial jobs is not a recent phenomenon.
However, in the main, most got on with life in Australia. They put up with being sent to places such as Bonnegila, housed in Nissen huts in Port Adelaide along with multiple other familes ... with only a hanging blanket between each family space. And these were the legal immigrants, no one like SHY and the other useful idiots around in those days.
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