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I can only hope Xenophon has success launching a true 'Centre' party
I dunno. I'm getting very dubious about messiah parties; Hanson, Katter and Palmer have not been a raging success. All they've really achieved is a lot of noisy bogan/hick soundbites and a split in the conservative vote.

Much as I like Senator X as a pollie (and I do) I don't see why 'his' party would be any different from the other three. The fact that he's naming it after himself is cause for concern . My understanding is that he is closet DLP, so maybe instead of jumping on the fruit loop messiah party bandwagon he would be better off revitalising and/or reinventing that party instead.
Has any journo ever published an article giving the line up in Parliament if we had a first past the post system like the Brits do?
Dunno, I'll have a squizz. It's an interesting question . Queensland has optional preferential voting (and relatively few voters take the option), but its elections haven't been noticably different from other states. It's also be complicated by the possibility that without preferences, people may vote differently. Again in Queensland, at the last election a surprising number of Green voters preferenced the LNP. Those votes filtered back to the LNP in close seats, and also failed to deliver a Green MP in any electorate. With that in mind, I don't know that FPP would make all that much difference.

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