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Alan Jones on Sky tonight nearly frothing at the mouth - and his target, surprising to some, I'm sure, was Scott Morrison.
Yeah nah. Jones is a funny animal . Prior to the last Queensland state election he was ranting about Newman in a very non-Liberal fashion. Mates of mine were getting all enthusiastic, but to me he's a very loose cannon. After listening to one of his pre-election rants/broadcasts (on a car radio while I was waving a sign ) I was left confused as to what he actually stands for. He's kind of Lib, kind of Nat, occasionally kind of DLP...I guess he stands for Alan, and good luck to him if a network gives him airtime to do that. Certainly the 'Jones effect' is a factor in state and federal politics (about 3% if you believe the stats nerds), but after half an hour I couldn't figure out just what he wanted to achieve with it. He struck me as being the angry lunchroom guy who disagrees with everything (particularly rational debate) but with a national audience rather than a few people eating their sandwiches. At least you can turn the radio off...
Morrison says that child care isn't welfare, but a subsidy to get women back into the workforce.
The ol' welfare / subsidy debate . Like John Farnham and the Rolling Stones it never quite goes away. From what I've seen, the only point of difference is whether said scheme is introduced by a Labor or Coalition government.
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