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Not even the most one-eyed Coalition supporter could claim the Liberal Party are fiscally responsible while this absolute debacle proceeds - even at its current snails' pace.

If Labor were delivering a Rolls-Royce solution, then the Coalition are delivering us a partially refurbished ex-taxi, with only a 25% discount off the ticket price of a fully-optioned Roller at that! (I personally prefer to think of Labor's solution as a brand new prime mover to the Coalition's ex-taxi. A prime mover costs about as much as a Rolls-Royce but is a better analog for infrastructure because it greatly contributes to productivity.)

Keeping the lid on NBN discontent | Business Spectator
  • Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been working assiduously to keep a lid on the simmering disquiet about the National Broadband Network (NBN).
  • The government’s pre-election NBN related commitments have fallen by the wayside and Turnbull is yet to make any attempt to introduce legislation to repair what he described in 2011 as “a very complex Gordian knot of [Telstra] contracts and legislation that is going to be very hard to unpick."
  • The government’s attempts to silence the Senate Select Committee on the National Broadband Network have been unsuccessful and recent committee sittings have clearly demonstrated why this committee is doing vital work. On April 18 The Australian reported that Telstra corporate affairs group executive Tony Warren told the committee “we don’t believe the [NSW FTTN] trial represents real-world experience, it was operating over spare copper pairs” and that the trial was “not a proper commercial service” with only a “small number of people involved”.
  • During 2013-2014, Turnbull’s hand-picked team of former colleagues and NBN sceptics completed six reviews and audits and delivered eight reports containing fundamental flaws. Turnbull’s failure to stick to his pre-election commitment to get the independent government body Infrastructure Australia (IA) to complete the NBN CBA set alarm bells ringing.
  • The most significant blooper found in the reviews and audits was the Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) use of flawed figures predicting future broadband demand.
  • According to Turnbull, “one of the consequences of the NBN is going to be to demonstrate to consumers that iron-clad guarantees about performance cannot be made on ANY access technology, given the way factors such as CVC pricing and backhaul contention choices play into the end user experience. That may burst the bubble of those who claim FTTP solves such problems, but it is reality.” It is unclear why Turnbull made this point because it is wrong and it is important that the telecommunications industry steps back from supporting such a wild unjustified claim. Performance guarantees are provided by telcos to customers through service level agreements every day and if you ask any telco they’re much happier offering service level agreements when the access technology is fibre.
  • “There are real economic costs to not rolling out high-speed broadband as soon as possible to commercial and industrial precincts [and] high speed broadband is, and will increasingly become, essential to Victoria's and Australia's economic prospects."

Couldn't have put it better myself.
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