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A different version of the Elian Gonzalez story, this time with Interpol involved and Mexican law enforcement.
Alondra Luna Nunez, Mexican Teen Forcibly Sent to U.S., Is Allowed Home - NBC News

In a nutshell, lady in Houston gets John Law to intervene and "return" her daughter to her ... except that the 14 year old lived in Mexico with her father, and DNA test later showed that this wasn't her daughter.
Kid was forcibly sent from her home in Mexico to the US by Mexican officials based on a request (which was based on incorrect claims) made by a lady in the US.
Mexican agents assigned to Interpol took Alondra from her middle school on April 16 and transported her to a courtroom, according to a statement from the federal Attorney General's Office. In court, Alondra's parents and Garcia each presented birth certificates and gave testimony, then the judge ruled in favor of Garcia, ordering the girl into her custody,
according to the court in Michoacan.
Alondra and Garcia went by bus to Houston, with the birth certificate of Garcia's daughter and the court order, according to the Foreign Ministry which later intervened to request a DNA test. Many things remained unclear, including who called Interpol from the U.S.
Providing this report is correct on the facts, there is a whole lot that is wrong about this.

It irritates me that someone (on the US official side) did not perform due diligence and determine the validity of the Houston woman's claim before this young lady's life got disrupted.
She is home in Mexico with her father again, as she should be. I won't comment on Mexican courts.
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