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I thought the comment made on the wireless summed up some of the professionally outraged: "If Tony Abbott discovered a cure for cancer, there would be those who would find it a cause to criticise him".
True, but at least one leftie (and perennially enraged) commentator recognised that in a recent article. Leftie journo self-awareness is at least as rare as Conservative journo self-awareness, and should be encouraged.
Stop grinding your teeth, unpucker that sphincter, and admit Tony Abbott is right. Go on, unclench, breath out, you'll feel better for it. God knows what's come over him but for once in his life he's gone with the science and done the right thing.
Tony Abbott right to stick a needle in anti-vaxxers
Hmmmm... having once been a frequent visitor to Iran, I can safely say that Julie Bishop has managed to offend both camps in her wearing of a veil during her visit to that country.
Out of interest, what did you think of the place? After reading Peter Moore's The Wrong Way Home I've always wanted to visit, but as my nearest male relative isn't keen it's not likely at this stage.

Re the attire, my hunch is that the strange choice (it looked like she'd bought it second-hand at a Marvel Comics Convention after-party ) was an attempt to comply with hair covering regulations without looking too Muslim. If she'd worn a straight hijab she would have alienated the many Australians (not all Libs, either) who dislike them. If she'd refused to wear anything presumably the Iranians wouldn't have recieved her. IMO it's their country, so their dress rules apply; to do to otherwise would be like attending an event that specifies black-tie while wearing jeans. Bad manners, if nothing else. When in Rome....

Speaking of which, until at least the 1990s the Pope would only receive female vistors if they wore black (white if they were Catholic Queens) and covered their heads, and most female visitors still comply with that. It's not purely an Iranian thing.

The resulting outfit was kind of strange and I think she'd have been better off doing the Benazir Bhutto look (drapy scarf) and dodging the Marvel hat, but she's the Minister.

On another note (and I see she later reverted to the Bhutto look ), that Australian flag is...different. The fringing is cute, maybe we should go with that...

I don't know what the government is hoping to achieve with this visit . It's odd. Maybe there are wheels within wheels that we're not aware of. Either way, hopefully they will remember the adage that my enemy's enemy is not necessarily my friend.

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