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Just love the comments section......

Is satire, really, finally, dead now?

The original statement was that satire was dead when Nixon was elected: thatís from Tom Lehrer. Myself I think Kissinger getting the Peace Prize was a sterling moment. But, sorry, it ainít dead yet:
President Barack Obama announced in his weekly address that he will travel to the Florida Everglades on Wednesday, which is Earth Day, to bring attention to the dangers of climate change.
That is, Barack Obama, the President, will travel with his own 747 Jumbo Jet, with an advance party in another, larger, cargo plane carrying his armoured limo (s), with a back up plane in the air just in case. In order to give a speech on how aviation emissions, among other things, threaten the ******* planet?

Umm, donít they have a TV studio in the White House? Or maybe satire is finally dead?
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