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I'd like to see the GOP put Carson up as their VP candidate. And as I said in my earlier post if he handles that office as well as he's handled himself in his brief dip into public life so far, he might well be a contender for the top job a few years down the track.

Would Rubio be considered too young for the #1 spot? He ticks a lot of boxes the GOP really needs to seriously consider to be seen to be ticking if they want to step away from their traditional 'rich middle aged protestant white guy' as their preferred candidate. Minorities, among swinging voters, have become far more important today than they once were.

I don't know if Rubio would be as flawed a candidate as so many other hopefuls are, but surely, unless he's found to be a serial killer, whatever his flaws, he'd be preferable to Hilary Clinton. As an Australian, I see in her disturbing parallels to our recent (and I can assure you, extremely painful) experience with a very flawed female leader. Would the USA survive (and remain as anything even slightly resembling the world power it once was) another four or eight years of leadership like it has had over the last six years? (As - again as an outsider - I suspect would continue more or less the same under Hilary Clinton as it has under Barak Pbama.)

Rand Paul, I think, is just a bit (should that be 'waaay'?) too radical to attract the middle of the road voter. Some of his ideas might actually be necessary to fix the current US malaise, but I don't think a lot of Americans would be willing to endure the pain that those ideas would bring with them if they were ever implemented.

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