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Die Welt on non-LH-group airlines in Germany

I don't think this article has been posted before at PPRuNe, at least according to a Google search:
Germanwings-Absturz: Piloten stehen unter großem Stress - DIE WELT

The gist:
- interviewed an anonymous CPT with a German charter airline
- selection standards at his airline not nearly as strict as within LH group
- has had to talk down many a FO, even in good weather
- some of them make so little money they have to live in out in the sticks and report to work dead tired from commuting
- some of them were P2F, having paid 60 k€ to an agency for the opportunity to build time
- one of these recently told him in the cockpit that he was clearly the customer
- captain frankly said that FOs within his airline are accident waiting to happen but nobody wants to talk about it

- interviewed an FO on long haul with LH
- complained about issues with long trips, body clock, only 24 h layover, but acknowledged that life was still good compared to other airlines
- real stress being generated by recurring sim checks and medicals
- knew of colleagues who preferred to go to external doctors rather than LH's medical service
- failing sim check twice usually means end of carreer with LH

- interviewed freelance airline pilot (didn't know those existed), instructor and checker
- pilot marked essentially dead in Europe, positions only in Gulf area or Asia but T&C not attractive
- more stress being put on pilots by airlines
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