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I was able, quite truthfully, to assure her that I was very satisfied with my present arrangement and asked if she could spare time from her Abbott bashing exercise to do something about the 3 level crossings in the electorate that actually do cause her voters grief on a daily basis as well as the nigh on impossible traffic conditions on the freeway into Melbourne etc. etc. which can only get worse as governments of all colours continue to allow developers to build more and more houses in the area without first ensuring that there is the infrastructure in place to support the massive increase in the local population ..... up from 30,000 plus in 1974 to an estimated 200,000 in a couple of years time.
An impressive sentence. I'm sure your 'member' gave it all the consideration it deserves..

I have no time for the Greens. They started on Bob Browns 'stop the Franklin Dam' bandwagon (which, if you've been to the Tasmanian SW was indeed a worthy cause) but have degenerated into a fringe group of seat fillers.

It does, however, speak of the paucity of genuine political leadership in the country today that they keep getting elected. "Abbott bashing" is just as justified as "Rudd/Gillard" bashing was. As much as I disliked some of Howards 'American Love', the man at least knew how to unify.

Where is the genuine leadership? At the moment there is none.
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