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I thought the same about 'loss making companies'. You can understand speculative miners losing money, but not so much other companies. Why would the shareholders put up with it?

Anyway, forget tax and have a laugh. Clive Palmer is suing Jacqui Lambie and Glen Lazarus - for desertion, basically.

Lambie started her own party yesterday - $500 to join. Perhaps she got wind of Palmer's law suit. Palmer's after $2 million from Lambie aqnd $7 million form Lazarus to repay what he says he spent of the Chinese government's money to get them elected.

Lazarus left because Palmer sacked his wife. Lambie left because Clive stopped returning her calls.

The saddest part is that if Clive bankrupts Lambie, as the leaderr of her own party, she gets to choose her replacement!

Correction: if Clive bankrupts Lambie, she's no longer a member of her one woman party, under S5.1 of its constitution, lodged with parliament yesterday.

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