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This will be good:

The Palmer United Party has announced plans to sue turncoat senators Jacqui Lambie and Glenn Lazarus for about $9 million for allegedly breaking their promise to represent the party in parliament.

In a statement today, the PUP’s national director Peter Burke said the lawsuits would hinge on promises purportedly received from Senators Lazarus and Lambie that, if elected in 2013, they would remain with the party for their full six-year terms.

“Relying on those promises, the party spent millions of dollars and thousands of party supporters worked hard to get Mr Lazarus and Ms Lambie elected,” Mr Burke’s statement read.

“They have now broken their promises and the party will seek to recover in the courts, under the principle of promissory estoppel, those party funds.

“It is anticipated the party’s claim against Mr Lazarus will be in the order of $7 million, equivalent to the amount the party spent in Queensland, and more than $2 million for what was spent getting Ms Lambie elected in Tasmania.”

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