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My personal eyperience is that most suicidal persons prefer to be alone, or at least feel alone at the time. An "audience of one" even if it were a case of going out in a blaze of revengeful anger and glory. So the FA in the cockpit could well be at least a hinderance in general; albeit of unknown specific usefulness in this case
Maybe so, but as above, that is to me, for the airline and/or regulator to decide as part of the overall risk assessment - and ultimately take responsibility for. Not PPRuNe!

Hi IceFlyer
But when the airlines would say that the pilots must do this test every half year, it would be very safe to prevent those suicides
I have to ask, what is it to do with the Airlines? Is it really the task of an airline to decide if a pilot is fit to fly?

It is the regulator who defines the medical requirements, it is the regulator who runs the medical checks and issues the medical certificates. Surely it is they, assuming this co-pilot had a valid medical, who have to answer why he had one?
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