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I have no issue with what the Dutch Capt wrote - agree with him, and as I earlier said, when I excused myself sometimes I would joke to the FO "and where are we diverting to...?" post the Ethiopian event.

My concern is the knee-jerk reaction that the whole issue is solved by adding a FA to the mix. This solves some issues, but creates many others? If one reads the EASA/CAA recommendation closely, and what the BEA stated today - adding the "2nd crew" is not the complete answer.

What is needed is a review - as per the EASA recommendation, and now the BEA - of the complete Risk Assessment over the door etc. I do not envy those carrying out that task, they will never be told in hindsight they are right - just as here, after an accident "they got it wrong".

If the GW accident scenario is correct (which I think it is), the solution is not to allow suicidal pilots on the Flt Deck, and mitigate that with an FA. The solution is to avoid, somehow, those pilots whilst in that state of mind, being on the Flt Deck surely? (BEA point 2)
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