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Kneejerk reaction havng 2 "crew" up front at all times? A cabin crew, no disrespect to the profession, gets in with minimal training, 4-6 weeks and minimal back ground check only to end up in front.

Seriously? Did they not think this one through, how easy would it be now for those who are so inclined to get on a course and within a few months they have full unfettered access to any flight deck over Europe.

This is not solving the underlying problem, and no it is not just the mental state of the FO, it is the total erosion of the terms and conditions in the airline world where P2F is becoming the norm in the low cost sector, not the exception.

Unless the white elephant in the room gets addressed, this won't be the last in Europe, how many others are out there who have been pushed to breaking point and see this as a way out and as a way to highlight their plight in absentia.

Do you really know the guy/girl sitting on your right? Do you? You trust him with your life? How about that newly recruited CC taking your place when you go for a comfort break?

This is not a solution, this is creating an even larger problem then we already have.
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