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I cannot see why so many are opposing the two-crew rule ... Just the presence of cabin crew on the flight deck would have prevented this tragedy
I am afraid I disagree - it likely would have just altered the exact way he did it.
Why not further restricting the two-crew rule to only the purser allowed on the flight deck with only one pilot present and the door shut?

Being appointed the role of the purser requires longer employment with an operator plus a decent performance record. Also, cabin crew allowed onto the flight deck from now on are to undergo a more thorough background check including a more restrictive medical similar to a flight crew's.
Such mitigations would reduce the concerns many have (including my own), but in the same breath would be why the airlines would likely resist (cost).

But they still leave the biggest problem unanswered - you are trying to "mitigate" having pilots on board who will deliberately crash the aircraft. That to me is an unacceptable premise, and not possible to comprehensively mitigate against. So I think the basic issue needs to be addressed, not accepted?
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