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Im completely unknowledgeable

how things work in the cockpit. Nonetheless I have a wife who's afraid of flying and I started reading on this forum after shes freaking out a bit as she was completely confident of Lufthansa and subsidiaries.

Suicide or murder, whatever you want to call it what the FO apparently did, Im puzzled about the following things, and maybe someone here has an answer for me.

The French state prosecutor talked about:
- Normal knocks on the door.
- After that, strong knocks on the door.
- After that, the captain trying to break in the door.

He did not mention the cockpit alarms emerging when the emergency door code was entered on the outside keypad? (Ive seen the youtube video on the door mechanism).

Why did he mention sounds of "normal breathing", but not of door opening alarms in the cockpit?

Did the pilot (or cabin crew) therefore really use the correct emergency procedure to get into the cockpit?


- If the FO becomes unconscious (for whatever reason), you continue to breath normally. To me its not a bullet-proof explanation that the FO did it intentionally.

Im the last to read into conspiracy theories, but its not 100% clear to me and would like to try to understand.
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