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As a frequent passenger, and a frequent reader of this forum (I don't usually post because I have only minimal aviation experience at the most basic PPL level), I agree.

Professional airline pilots have a capability to change thousands of lives by such an action and in my travelling lifetime, there have been at least four such incidents that I know of.

I appreciate that the professionals may not like to be on constant video recorders in the cockpit, but then, many other professionals are... Surgeons have their operations recorded, most of us are in workplaces where cameras are switched on during our duties...

And I would have thought that professional pilots themselves would much prefer to know what happened in the cockpit during these occasions rather than have to speculate with the rest of us.

No offence intended but we farepaying passengers value our survival above the right to privacy that some on the board espouse. With respect, I can't trust the fact that a pilot locked behind an unbreachable door can ruin 1000 lives without even the ability to find out what happened in real-time.
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