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I'm all for eliminating pollution, I know the supply of fossil fuel is finite and I believe human activity contributes to climate change, but I'm damned if I'll accept without question the predictions of a group of people who can't explain why there have been years of pause in the warming process they predicted, told us it might never snow again or rain to fill our reservoirs and were wrong, argue endlessly among themselves and tout a '97% consensus' figure which is nothing of the sort.

Then they tell me that 'the science is settled' and to even question it is not to be uncertain or sceptical, which scientists should see as defensible attitudes, but to become a 'denier' - a loaded term implying that I am rejecting outright whatever information is available.

If the world's best scientists have settled the science of climate change. Why aren't things panning out exactly as they predicted? Why aren't I allowed to ask questions about 'The Science'?
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