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"these look like classic organic-rich (i.e. intensely black) shales to me and hence is their naturally colour. The more resistant, thin, lighter coloured rocks (seemingly uncharred) are white-yellow sandstone layers."

I walk a lot in this area and confirm this. The ground is a loose, friable clay/shale with isolated pieces of sedimentary rock. It's usually dark grey to black. Black appears more when cut open or if wet. Scrambling on it is hard work as the ground if heavily ravined and breaks up easily and falls apart. Landslips and erosion are common after rain/thaw. The detailed landscape can change from year to year as features collapse or wash out.

I'm surprised to see no main impact point. I think it possible significant amounts of aircraft parts lie under shale that has broken off and fallen on top. Possibly the FDR has been buried in this way.
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