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Originally Posted by INeedTheFull90
Surely if anything was heard they could have briefly summarised it. I appreciate they need to be meticulous. However the CVR has been at the BEA for several hours now. Chance for the last ten minutes of the flight to be listened to many times over. They MUST know something. This lack of information will just cause people to read between the lines and again as night falls on now day 2, with no more REAL information, speculation will become frenzied and tomorrow's newspapers (especially the vile ones we have here in the UK) will be full on sensationalist speculation and scaremongering based on what some FS98 pilot has said on here..
The media can go to hell! They are usually poorly qualified to understand air accident investigations, they like simple, dramatic stories and will make great logical leaps with little or no supporting data. We need to let the BEA and the other organisations assisting the investigation do their job thoroughly and not heap pressure on them to come up with hasty opinions just to feed the media beast.
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