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Forward pressure bulkhead - proposed AD

I used to be a CAA licensed engineer - a failure of the the forward pressure bulkhead could be the cause. An inability to close the nose gear doors may have been a symptom. There was a proposed airworthiness directive, PAD No.: 14-110, I quote:

"During the A320 fatigue test campaign for Extended Service Goal (ESG), it was determined that fatigue damage could develop on the forward pressure
bulkhead at Frame (FR) 35 on Left Hand (LH) side and Right Hand (RH) side.

This condition, if not detected and corrected, could affect the structural integrity of the aeroplane.

To address this potential unsafe condition, a reinforcement modification was
developed, which has been published through Airbus Service Bulletin (SB)
A320-53-1268 for in-service application to allow aeroplanes to operate up to the new ESG limit.

For the reasons describe above, this AD requires reinforcement of the centre
fuselage forward pressure bulkhead at FR35."

Maybe this AD was carried out, but incorrectly?
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