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Who do you 'tell' Fine if it is a full service aerodrome (and SERA does require the equivalent of booking out there) but the average strip?
gasax, I did post:-

When I say this I'm not talking about unmanned landing strips but places where this a presence in the form of A/G, AFISO or even ATC.
Well I had a second look at SERA and still cannot find the requirement, so it probably did die in the translation.
It looks like it has done.

Remember this requirement came in at a time when if you had a well equipped aircraft it had a 360ch radio and probably no transponder. Gadgets like EPIRBs or PLBs were science fiction - as indeed were mobile phones!

Those technologies make the old requirement look pretty daft.
True but even modern technology can fail and radar coverage is limited at lower level especially in the valleys of places like Scotland. Also not all a/c are equipped with radio, not every pilot carries PLBs and batteries can deplete on mobile phones.
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