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Back in the early 90's there was a certain vertically challenged and freshly minded FI at Perth who used march around with a clipboard who appeared to take great delight in demanding and challenging owners upon their return from flying as to correct entries in the sign-out sheet, inspite of the fact it was not his job or business. One day he hassled me and I asked him why he had such a bug up his ass about the sheet. He informed me that it was necessary as if there was anyone smuggling drugs he would have a log of the flights and he could relay this info to the cops, I pointed out that if indeed there was any smuggling going on the traffickers were hardly going to sign his shytee wee book.He never took much to do with me after that, I always felt the guys talents were being squandered teaching folks how to fly, he was far more suited for the guard tower at Bergen Belsen.
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